Year: 2014

London Snapshots

We had a six-hour layover in London on our recent trip to Spain. We decided to leave the airport and walk around. This was my first time in London and I was excited to get a feel for the city. One thing we do well when we travel is walk. We can walk eights hours a day and cover twenty to thirty kilometres. Being in London I was ready for the challenge. Here’s our itinerary and some pictures we snapped along the way. We got off at Paddington Station and headed north towards Little Venice. We crossed Hyde Park and walked on Kensington Road all the way to Hyde Park Corner. We walked through Green Park and enjoyed the changing colours. We continued towards Buckingham Palace and our timing was perfect so we stopped to watch the changing of the guard.   For lunch we ate at The Red Lion, a favoured watering hole of the political and literary elite for centuries including none other than Charles Dickens. We walked southeast to Westminster Abby and Big Ben. It was time to …

Exploring Granada

Granada was definitely my favorite stop on our trip to Spain. The city is impressive because of its geography and its past. Granada sits at the foot of spectacular Sierra Nevada and proudly maintains the Moorish influence of its past. Alhambra citadel stands at the top of the hill; a good legacy of Granada’s Islamic past. We spent the day exploring the narrow, winding streets of the Moorish quarter of Albayzin. The houses are typically painted in white and shaded by orange and olive trees. Albayzin is on the side of a hill and the peak offers spectacular views of the Alhambra and its surroundings. We love the outdoors and we decided to do a hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Thirty minutes away by bus (Bus #183) from Granada is the town of Monachil. There are several hiking trails starting right from the bus station. We chose to do the Cahorros trail. The hike was not too difficult and it offered a great variety. We walked along olive and orange orchards, along the river and through a gorge, crossed several …

Tapas & Beyond

In Spain, tapas are a national obsession. Tapas bars are literally everywhere and the selection is incredible. Before going to Spain I thought tapas were finger food snacks served on pieces of bread. Some tapas are just that, however I discovered that tapas could be anything served in small portions. Tapas from the Basque region of Spain are called pintxos. Some places offer a free tapa when you order a drink. A good place to sample tapas is Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. This glass walled market is a shrine to food and drink. Another cool spot for tapas is Bar Alfalfa in Seville. This small place seats no more than fifteen people but simple tapas like tomato with aubergine and arugula are to die for. The cured ham is a culinary constant in Spain and it can be bought in specialty shops. Jamon iberico is one of the most expensive ones and the gold standard for cured ham. This ham comes from a black-coated pig descendent of the wild boar.

8 Close Encounters With Animals

Getting close to wildlife is another reason I love to travel. We put together some of our favorite snapshots of animals we have encountered in our travels. There is a human quality to some of the animals in these pictures that makes me smile. Hope it puts a smile on your face too. Above: penguins, aka flightless birds, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Street Art

Graffiti are a form of creative expression in many parts of the world. Here are some we have photographed in our travels. The artists are skilled and some themes hit close to home. Above: graffiti in Lima, Peru.