Month: November 2014

Tapas & Beyond

In Spain, tapas are a national obsession. Tapas bars are literally everywhere and the selection is incredible. Before going to Spain I thought tapas were finger food snacks served on pieces of bread. Some tapas are just that, however I discovered that tapas could be anything served in small portions. Tapas from the Basque region of Spain are called pintxos. Some places offer a free tapa when you order a drink. A good place to sample tapas is Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. This glass walled market is a shrine to food and drink. Another cool spot for tapas is Bar Alfalfa in Seville. This small place seats no more than fifteen people but simple tapas like tomato with aubergine and arugula are to die for. The cured ham is a culinary constant in Spain and it can be bought in specialty shops. Jamon iberico is one of the most expensive ones and the gold standard for cured ham. This ham comes from a black-coated pig descendent of the wild boar. Advertisements